Dolphin Trust / German Property Group

Creditors Association

About Us

We are a group of UK creditors who found each other over the internet. Given the situation with Dolphin Trust / German Property Group GmbH we decided to come together and galvanise a plan in an attempt to get our money back from Dolphin Trust / German Property Group GmbH. Anyone owed money from this debacle is welcome to join us. We are not connected to Dolphin Trust / German Property Group GmbH in any way. We are victims of this sorry situation, just like you.

Currently, we have in excess of 2,000 members in the group, and growing.


The running of the GPG Creditors Association is not without costs. Since we formed the group approx 19 months ago we have had to individually fund numerous trips to Germany including flights and accommodation expenses. Additionally, we have built up some basic technology platforms to support communications and engage with key influencers in our endeavours to get everyone's money back. If you would like to support our efforts then please consider a donation. Mark Hambling will be co-ordinating this. We have set a minimum contribution of £25 and would welcome any additional support from those that feel our efforts are worthwhile. Clicking the below Donate button will take you to a Paypal contribution page where donations can be made from your Paypal account. If you do not have a Paypal account then select "Pay as Guest" where donations can be made by debit card. Thank you.